Molle Platform on Vest

Molle Platform on vest with pouches

Molle Platform and 7.62 Ammo Pouch

Special Forces BDU

SWAT Tactical Rappel gloves (Last update 13/11/2004)

These gloves are now in stock and at a great price of £14.99 these are a must have.

Replica ECWS jacket (Last update 10/11/2004)

Shipment arrives Monday 15th November. Please allow one week for clearance.

They will go on special offer at £29.99 for one month only.

Replica US flight suit in black and olive, Quick release belts (Last update 06/11/2004)

Manufacturers have informed us that production is nearly complete and we hope to have the items shipped soon.

Replica ECWS Waterproof JacketSwat Tactical Rappel gloves Replica US flight suit

In The Pipeline

TAC-M7 Molle Platform and double large Ammo pouch

We hope to begin production very soon, we'll be expecting delivery in around two to three months.

The Ammo pouches are fitted with ITS (integrated tactical system), this system has the Molle sitting on top of the Alice straps. The sample pictures show the platform and vest in woodland but we will be ordering in olive drab.

Utility Pouch

We are still currently looking for a utility pouch that we feel will meet the needs of our customers. We feel the pouch should be Molle and Alice adaptable to give the user more choices where to place the utility pouch.


We're currently looking at our options to develop a Special Forces style BDU set. The pattern will more than likely be MARPAT.

CollarWristRadio loop and name tagFront leg pocketTactical knee pad strapsWaiste pockets

Feel free to email me with your thoughts I am always interested in hearing your views and ideas especially from anyone currently using our gear. [email protected]


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